Live from the stage/my workspace

My Top 5 Strengths (Jan 2016/Nov 2017)
1. Strategic/Strategic
2. Empathy/Relator
3. Adaptability/Individualization
4. Futuristic/Maximizer
5. Responsibility/Consistency

Hi! I'm StephAnn...

It's not a stretch to say that I've tried almost everything related to design. I have experience in logos/brand, type, and color, but I've also worked extensively in marketing, print, UX, UI, and web — and even events. I have a BFA in Design, with years of experience before and after my degree (I started in a print shop when I was 15)!

I balance my professional career with personal creative work, hobbies, and other pursuits. Some of my "obsessions" include [almost] all things Pop Culture (I'll totally be your Marvel movie buddy!), video games (ok, Minecraft is more my speed), and my car (it's a Volkswagen GTi, thank you very much). I'm a lover of music, lifter of weights, terrible racquetball player, and not bad with a crochet hook. 

My creative approach — no matter the project to be tackled — is to understand limitations, ideas, possibilities, and expectations and to find the best, most efficient and creative way to proceed. I aim to delight and inspire while maintaining structure and form. I believe in companies that focus on making a better world through their products.

My top 5 strengths (Gallup Strengths Center) cause me to be uniquely qualified in finding the best paths to an answer, capitalizing on the strengths of those involved in the process, and building a unique and strong product.