NAPA Service Assistant


The NAPA Service Assistant is an award-winning tool which allows Service Advisors to share subject-specific information with their clients and customers. It can be used as a business site or as an appendage to a business site. The NAPA Service Assistant exists as a website and mobile app for Android and iPad.


Challenges + Opportunities

The original version of the app was only available through private download due to the fact that the entire library was downloaded at once. We changed this to a cloud-based download, which allowed the app to be delivered via the app stores. Service Advisors could then choose what content they wanted to download to the app via the backend CMS, accessible via the app or online.

The original version was not customizable beyond adding a logo and contact information. We worked to create a CMS that allowed Service Advisors to change to color of their app, along with choosing what content to display.

The original version was clunky and tight. We implemented an accordion menu to free up space and allow for sub-categories and great customization.

We included the ability to create service specials and coupons, helping the app to function as a website for Automotive Professionals who may not have an online presence otherwise.

My Role

I was the lead designer on this project, focusing on the User Interfaces for the outward-facing and backend design.

I was involved with storyboarding for animations and videos and created the annotations and text style for animations.

I created the marketing landing page, help documents, and marketing materials.